revisional style
provisional stage

making the poor, lofty/lofty, poor
an obvious obsession with inversion


duration makes space; call it breathing room

videos are aggregates of found and made footage.
comprised of screen captures, digital constructions,
hd video, performance footage and appropriated media.
they exist somewhere between document & dream

and we were like those who were american dreaming


always thinking about today:
the example is boron,
they call it the schizophrenic element.
information by nature is fragmented.

exploring weak bonds + loose associations
a grieving relational aesthetic

not casual


i am in the site and it is a ruin.
touch everything; everything gets touched.
touch like I've been touched: all at once
hands can't do it. touch without hands is a knowing touch
a clumsy rolling over.
the river presses and is pressed.
the touch of sides, side-to-side, shore-hugging flow

clumping and clotting through ritual
in the ritual i am a witch-doctor, a snake-oil salesman. i am a clown.
i touch things I don't understand, things I don't remember, things I hate and love
touch sharp edges of disparate ideas, methods that refuse to cohere.


The work is the evidence of a search, an inward inquiry, alchemical investigations. It is the measuring of breath and the distance traveled in exhalation – a visual approximation of unquantifiable exchanges. It is the appraisal of intangibles, like timing how long it takes for a difficult word to move over a lump in one’s throat or numbering the moments one traces the lines of a lover's face in memory.

The work seeks to traverse a paradoxical divide, inhabiting the tenuous space between dialectical poles. This journey is manifested through materials; the expression is one of metaphor. The relationship of crystallized salt to glitter for example, conjures questions of authenticity and begs the question, what is real?

In this work there is a slipping from one state to another, there is death and there is becoming.

There is the question of self - made, defined, fragmented, reborn.

Though there is self, there is not I. I only perform.