Traverse through (un)familiar terrain
with pop-up clowns and boats with hot dogs, fans and grids.
Duration makes space. Call it breathing room.
Here time collects like aggregate data
and is metered by the sound of my feet.
Jumping jacks discharge excess adrenaline.
Daniel told me this video points to what is missing
and that he teared up around the four-minute marker.
Nothing is really happening then.

Response: PT/PT/PT/, TKW, edited AEB

Positional tolerance must only be applied to features of size, which requires that the feature have at least two opposable points. Point and talk. But I’m pretty terrified. I mean, I’m pretty tricked. It’s my physical training, personal training, pain threshold. Thresholding. I carry the blood to my feet. The pass through, the phase transition - my phantom torso collapses. Test my proficiency, when you text me, test me, testxted me. Plain text. Part time. Preferential treatment. Plain touch. It’s party time. I pledge you my togetherness, my pathetic transport. Peace time. Power test. Personal transformation. “She needs a poker tracker,” I said. “I need a toker cracker,” she said. It’s plenary talk. when nothing else is scheduled. We are making contact at a single point on a single line. We are touching. We are not intersecting. It’s the measure of isokinetic performance/pro-trajectory/parallel time. Perpetual time. Process tracker. Positional tolerance is a location control used on engineered drawings to specify desired location, as well as allowed deviation to the position of a feature on a part.

Aggregate loops, dssssss and bigbb are shown in tandem.