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Curated by Kelly Kaczynski

DSSSSSS and Artifact_2(BIGBB)

Artifact_2 (BIGBB)
Sodium chloride on blow-pops, dum-dums, fluff, gauze, paint, and paraffin, himalayan incense and wire.
2011- present

Artifact_2 (BIGBB), a durational performer demonstrates its processual making/remaking endlessly. In this iteration, the basin's super-saturated solution slowly evaporated/crystallized. Eventually escaping its container, it grew over the side, down the plinth and onto the floor.




Inside: Video installation with cedar wall, game chip, and time piece

TBD_Excerpts 1
Digital projection

Alarm clock, clamps, mirror

Outside: Artifact and Text wall

Text wall 25ft: "There is no shame between us."

2011 - 2013

Critical to this work are ethical issues surrounding image distribution, and consequently, performances on CR are closed, #M/M performs for an audience of one. However, all interactions are recorded through screen capture software and if permission is received, footage may be excerpted from the archive and woven into a video suitable for dissemination to elsewhere audiences

TBD Excerpts_1
(Quality significantly diminished, email for higher res)

Artifact> (formerly known as Hellraiserhead/Alienfruit)
Sodium chloride on dum-dums, fluff, paraffin, paint and twine

a cult of one
Festival to Planned Obsolescence

(2012 - present)

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